But aren’t those Pasties?!

Let me tell you the history of pasties…
Pasties emerged in burlesque shows during the Roaring Twenties and the 1930s as a way to avoid breaking the law by performing topless or nude, as dancers were arrested for showing their naked breasts…

Artistes came up with the idea of making these little objects that espoused the shape their breasts and hid their nipples.

At first, these pasties were flesh-colored objects, but artistes were later obliged by authorities to ensure that their pasties were highlighted.

They then began to decorate them with glitter, and other fantasy diamonds.
In the 1950s, to prove the presence of the pasties, the dancers decided to add Pompons and began incorporating tassel twirling as part of a performance.

The latter added a whole new movement to the burlesque tradition.
Pasties, then became a full-fledged part of the burlesque dancer and are often in adequacy with the theme of the numbers that the dancer presents, and her costume.

Hello, my name is Yokko Chérie !

I’m burlesque babe and pasties maker.
I’ve always loved art and being creative,
isn’t something that i just enjoy doing,
it is something that i have to do <3

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